Michael B. Jordan and Chanté Adams star in a Drama/ Romance based on a true story, directed by Denzel Washington. 


Michael B. Jordan is Army Officer Charles Monroe King, who while in active service, writes in a journal for his son, Jordan. Chanté Adams is Dana Canedy, a journalist who is recounting her relationship with King.


This movie is a LOVE story, going through the entire courtship of Charles and Dana in a very “everyday” type manner. This is where you feel the “Based on a True Story” aspects come into play, not a whole lot of highs and lows, just the building of a couple’s life together. Sometimes I felt like I was eavesdropping on personal conversations. 


There was a point during the duration of the movie where I couldn’t really figure out what the “hook” of the story was. Watching an attractive couple meet, and have their first date, kiss, dinner party, and first fight etc., is a nice journey, but why should I buy a ticket and go to the theaters to see this movie? I got my answer during the final act.


Performances are solid all around, realistic subject matters are met head on, and there’s definitely moments of levity sprinkled within. 


So if you’re looking for a quiet, true to life, love story, unfolding at an even pace for a “date night”, this may be a good choice. 

3 out of 5

– Marquee Mark

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