Movie Review: AQUAMAN

December 23, 2018 By



CAST: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Willem Dafoe

Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment is back with their next Superhero tentpole movie…Aquaman.

Jason Momoa returns as Arthur Curry, a hero that likes to keep a low profile while he helps people in need either in, or close to the water. He is a man of two worlds who finds himself caught in between each of them as he tries to save them both.
This movie is visually fantastic and has some brilliant set pieces. The fight/chase scenes are definitely the highlights here. Director James Wan handles all those scenes with some real imagination! It’s one of the reasons to see these type of comic book movies. Unfortunately to make a successful movie, it also requires interesting characters and a decent story. Aquaman is slightly lacking in those departments.

Although the movie gave me all the ingredients that I could want in a superhero origin story, including comic book accurate representations of the costumes, it felt a bit hollow and not completely engrossing.

Jason Momoa is fun as Arthur/Aquaman and you can tell he’s having a good time. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, tries his best to inject some depth in to Black Manta, but the script kind of lets him and everyone else down.
Someone posted the name “Splash Gordon” and that really described this movie for me, a goofy, special effects heavy, wacky adventure that tries to bring some drama to it, but can’t help itself when it has the chance to be really goofy.
Really good designs, visuals, and action sequences, but I was hoping for that plus an engaging story and I didn’t get it. Well, let’s see what Shazam does in 2019

3 out 5 stars

-Marquee Mark