Movie Review: BECKMAN


This is a movie that shows that you can be very religious, love church, and still love very violent action movies.

David A.R. White stars as Beckman, a deadly assassin who within the opening minutes of this flick, has been betrayed by people that he knows. After some close combat fighting, he barely escapes with his life. He searches for sanctuary at a nearby church, and finds it. This unorthodox choice leads him to a brand new life of Faith and family. When that setting comes under a dangerous threat, Beckman reverts back to his killing skills to enact revenge.

Now, having seen a few Faith based movies in my life, typically the “message” is very prominent in almost every single scene. Going into this flick, and I thought especially given the subject of revenge, the message of God was going to be overwhelmingly in my face, but surprisingly the movie plays out like a typical action film. The faith based aspects are kept pretty minimal, and the sheer violence is right up front and sometimes a bit shocking.

The movie works well enough as a blend of Taken and John Wick. It’s easy to tell that this is an incredibly low budget film, but there’s no doubt that there is some effort and a smidge of talent is behind the scenes. There’s a forward momentum in the action scenes, plus the script contains a few twists and turns, so that kept my interest. The less said about the “acting” the better. As a whole, I wouldn’t say this was a “good” movie, but it’s not nearly as bad I was expecting. Plus we get to Burt “Paulie” Young in a few scenes.

2.5 out of 5

Marquee Mark Markellus

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