Movie Review: Chasing Molly

Chasing Molly

I’ve had a great time being part of So Wizard Podcast over the years. One of the coolest aspects of working with the So Wizard crew is when creators give us a peak at their projects. The latest in this line is an indie comedy called Chasing Molly.

Chasing Molly follows the titular character, Molly (Shelley Pack). Molly and her partner Atticus (Jim Cashman) are small time con men. The two prey on people in they form of mediums/exorcists. During one of their meetings they steal a teapot stuffed with a drug they’ve not seen before. This unique drug belongs to a kingpin that goes by the ominous name Mr.Black (Kurt Angle).

After Molly sells the stolen drugs, she gets robbed herself. Mr. Black gets his hand on Atticus and threatens to kill him if Molly can’t come up with the drugs, or money.

Shelley Pack is an actor/writer/comedian who pulled double duty. She wrote the script as well as starred in the movie. The lead role is no small task since Molly is in virtually every scene of the movie. Her character has a tremendous amount of dialogue that Pack nails every last syllable of. The dialogue is razor sharp and snappy.

Molly bounces through the movie interacting with increasingly offbeat, colorful, and downright insane characters. They all present bizarre scenarios. Molly and her cavalier attitude, comes right back at them again and again.

Chasing Molly is available on iTunes and Amazon

With an eighty minute run time the core story doesn’t always feel like it’s fleshed out enough. For the most part, that doesn’t matter much. The movie plays out more like a sketch comedy show, in the best sense of the expression. Each interaction could be a stand alone clip, hilarious in their own way. The jokes never retread, and only a couple go on a bit too long. The big thing to note is that every single one of them is funny. My personal favorite was some gang members sitting down for a meeting. The format of the meeting is as mundane as ones we’ve all had to suffer through in our day jobs. It turns into a pitch for a pyramid scheme type investment. Instead of supplements you’ve never heard of they have their Ponzi scheme set up in guns. It’s brilliant, fresh, and hysterical.

When the skits get back into the story part of the movie there is a little polishing needed. It may have been the tonal switch but there were some story elements that didn’t need to be. Felicia Day comes in as Atticus’s long term girlfriend. Day is a great comic creator in her own regard but it felt like stunt casting in a way. Her character wasn’t needed.

In no way is this meant to be insulting but the cast doesn’t have a lot of star power. Getting Felicia Day may have been an attempt to get a bigger name on the poster. A move that may have been good for marketing isn’t needed when you see the movie. Pack is the stand out. She’s hilarious for eighty straight minutes.

Director Josh Sutherland is new to that position but he is no stranger to the music industry. Sutherland worked as a visual effects editor in some massive movies. Looper, The Avengers, Jack Reacher.

The narrative comes up a little short at times but the comedy makes up for small stumbles. The talent behind this production show a lot of promise.

Chasing Molly is a great choice if you want a quick laugh. Plus you’ll support indie cinema.

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