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Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington, Viola Davis
“Fences” marks Denzel Washington return to the directing chair as he adapts a long running stage play from August Wilson. I’ve never seen the play or read any synopsis of the story, so this was a completely new experience for me.
Denzel plays Troy Maxson, a hard working man in 1950’s trying to provide for his wife and son while dealing with the challenges of his mentally disabled war veteran brother, and his job in the sanitation department. He had a promising career as a baseball player, but the opportunities to capitalize on it never came his way, and that bitterness still resides in him.
Viola Davis plays his wife Rose, who hates seeing her husband falling down this mindset of being cheated out of a better life and is there to help encourage him along the way in the life that he does have. His son is presented with an opportunity to also excel in sports, and this causes some emotional tension to slowly rise to the top.
There is absolutely amazing dramatic performances on display here, along with some fantastic directing by Denzel. I think because his performances are so stunning, people forget that he’s a true artist behind the camera too. Viola Davis delivers one the most incredibly heartbreaking performance I’ve seen, she is so good.
This story is deceptively subtle in bringing you in comfortably and having you follow each of the characters personal struggles. When the story takes a late turn, it is stunningly effective.
A solid slice of life story, elevated by two of best dramatic performances I’ve seen in years.
Grade: 4 out of 5
-“Marquee Mark” Markellus

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