Movie Review: LIFE


Daniel Espinosa
Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds

“Life” is surprisingly NOT about the Milton Bradley board game or a remake of the Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence movie, but an suspenseful thriller set inside of the International Space Station.

Astronauts aboard the station attempt to pull off a daring rescue mission at the very beginning of the film, where a satellite carrying soil samples from Mars is hurtling towards them. In a very cool long continuous take, we float along throughout the station, seeing each person as they prepare for this oncoming collision.

The soil samples are saved, and the scientist on board start to study what they have. They find a micro organism and help cultivate it to prove there’s life from Mars. The organism grows it soon becomes apparent that the larger it grows, the more dangerous it may become. Of course things go wrong, and the crew are trapped with something they can’t control.

I appreciated a lot of the aspects of this film, but I really couldn’t get invested in it. Possibly because I didn’t really connect to the characters when they were introduced, or that I didn’t feel the camaraderie between them. As things start to spiral out of control for them, it was cool to see how they were going to try to deal with the creature that is Hell bent on killing everyone around, but there was nothing really original about it. I felt like I’ve seen better versions of this idea before.

So if you’re interested in seeing a movie that shows how the story of “ALIEN” could actually happen in the real world, this may be a good flick for you. As for me, if I’m watching a “people in space get chased by a creature” movie, either have the characters be someone I can root for, or have some cool ways of fighting and/or outwitting the thing.
I will also say there is one aspect of this movie that I thought was incredibly cool, but not enough to save the overall experience for me.

Grade: 2 out of 5

-“Marquee Mark” Markellus

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