Movie Review: MOONLIGHT


Barry Jenkins
Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris

“MoonLight” is a beautiful, poetic, and visually striking drama about a young man growing up in Florida and trying to figure out his way through some confusing times in his life, all while slowly questioning and discovering his own sexuality. Three different actors portray the main character of Chiron at these different stages in his life.

As a young boy, he’s called “Little” and he has to deal with the consistent harassment of bullies, the lack of any guidance from a father figure, and a mother who’s starting to fall down into the darkness of drug addiction. He guided in part by a drug dealer played by the amazing Mahershala Ali. He only wants to help the young boy out by trying to educate him with some lessons in life.

As a teenager in high school, he’s “Chiron”, and he’s beginning to discover his sexuality as he’s now being confronted with more dangerous bullies and escalating situations.
By the time we see him as a man nicknamed “Black”, it’s obvious that some of issues that were with him as a youngster still haunt him.

This is a journey about the person he will become as he navigates these tricky minefields.
This was probably the quietest movie I’ve seen in years. Showcasing an minimalistic, almostĀ  documentarian style, it’s gorgeously shot with genuine performances from everyone, and an especially heartbreaking one from Naomie Harris.
Subtle, emotional, and heartfelt.

Grade: 3.5 out of 5

-“Marquee Mark ” Markellus

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