Movie Review: Red Snow (2021)

Red Snow is a new horror comedy movie from director Sean Nichols Lynch, and I got the chance to watch it early in anticipation of it’s release on VOD! Of course, I must give you my thoughts and we’ll keep it spoiler free!

Red Snow is the story of a wannabe vampire novelist Olivia, and what happens when a real-life sexy vampire ends up in her garage. Right off the bat, this is a great concept for a movie, it’s a big swing, especially for a lower budget movie.

For the most part, Red Snow pulls it off.  The chemistry between Olivia (Dennice Cisneros) and the vampire she finds, Luke (Nico Bellamy) is great.  The parts of the movie with the two of them interacting and just talking about the world of vampires is equal parts charming and hilarious. Honestly, I could have watched much more of this in the movie and when the plot intruded, that worked as well because I was as upset as the characters themselves and wanted more time with them in that setting.

The effects and use of locations are well done.  I laughed out loud (WITH the movie) at the bat in the beginning and the later vampire effects looked great.  Again, for a smaller budget indie film, excellent work by the crew.

If I have any complaints, it would mostly be that the movie needed a little more time to breathe.  I would have liked to see more time with Olivia and Luke before the plot crashes into it and more build up to the turn/twist in the ending.  It feels a little out of character for what happens and could have been easily foreshadowed more in the film itself.

I also felt that maybe the script needed another pass or a punch up in points, what works really works and some of the later twists and action sequences almost feel like they are getting in the way of what is working in the movie.

All in all, Red Snow is a great effort for a smaller film in this category and I enjoyed my time watching it.  I would recommend checking it out, with tempered expectations, when it hits VOD.

Red Snow is out now on VOD in the UK and drops December 28th in the USA and other territories.

MY SCORE: 3 out of 5 sexy vampires.

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