Movie Review: SNATCHED


Director: Jonathan Levine

Cast: Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn

I thought comedies were supposed to be funny?

I usually like Amy Schumer’s humor on her TV show. I actually think she’s a funny comedian, but it takes a bit more than a few “kind of” humorous lines to make a enjoyable movie (at least for me).

The charming Goldie Hawn plays Amy Schumer’s mother. She gets dragged along on what was supposed to be a romantic vacation for Schumer and her now ex-boyfriend. This is supposed to be their big adventure out, a trip to enjoy some of life’s pleasures. They wind up getting kidnapped because of Schumer’s thirst to hang out with a handsome local, and soon they have to figure out a way to get back to safety.

I think this was supposed to play like a female version of the “Hangover” movies, but all of the humor felt forced and was not funny. Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack appear sporadically throughout in a storyline that seems like it’s going to have a good payoff, but I was also disappointed by the time their arc ended. Bashir Salahuddin and Christopher Meloni also appear and actually contribute some humorous lines.

Performances were okay, just a few lines were amusing, it just needed a funnier all around script.

Grade 1 out of 5

-Marquee Mark

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