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With another attempt to adapt a popular video game into a major motion picture, Paramount jumps back into the fold with the little blue hedgehog. The last time I actually played a Sonic game was on my Sega Genesis DECADES ago. I was never any good at it. I also never watched the animated show, so I’m coming into this story pretty cold.

One thing I really appreciated about the start of the movie is that it gives you what you’re looking from right from the jump. It then flashes back to explain how we got there, and what follows is a hero’s journey a lot like most Superhero films. I enjoyed the hints of the “Sonic” mythology and was hoping to get a little more.

Sonic (voiced by the very funny Ben Scwhartz) has found his way to Earth and is conflicted between hiding who he is and embracing his new home. He also starts to admire a small town police officer named Tom played by James Marsden and his veterinarian wife Maddie played by Tika Sumpter. After Sonic accidentally makes his presence known, he attracts a mad scientist named Doctor Robotnik played by a Jim Carrey (bringing back his classic over the top schtick) to come to the small town on the hunt.

This movie is definitely a kid’s film with some of the most juvenile jokes and situations imaginable. It also understands the importance of timing in comedies, and that keeps the movie engaging even when some of the action set pieces start feeling a little too drawn out. It also helps that all the performances are played more straight than a typical kid’s film. There isn’t really a strong storyline that offers something special, but it’s entertaining and accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. Little kids that are fans of the game will enjoy it.

*Also the Sonic design looks great. It’s hard to believe they ever considered a different look for him. There’s also a mid-credit scene that was somewhat lost on me, but seemed cool for fans of the video games.

3.5 out of 5 stars

“Marquee Mark” Markellus