Movie Review: THE MEG


DIRECTOR: Jon Turteltaub

CAST: Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Cliff Curtis


Alright…. so when I see a movie trailer featuring Jason Statham fighting a giant shark, then that’s what I want to see when the lights go down in the theater, “Jason Statham v Megaladon: Dawn of Justice”. Luckily “The Meg” actually does deliver on that exact promise.

When a team of underwater explorers discover new unmapped territories at the bottom of the ocean, they lead an expedition to learn more, but things go wrong and it’s up to none other than the man himself, underwater rescue specialist Jason Statham to come out of his drunken semi-retirement and pull off a daring deep sea rescue while there is a few precious hours left. At the bottom of the ocean, the team of trapped explorers are faced with an underwater predator the likes of which they have never seen before. They’re threatened by a Megalodon, the largest shark known to man that was believed to be extinct until now.

The crew of scientist in the underwater research station must now must deal with the consequences of disturbing the slumber of this mammoth creature. The crew features *Fear The Walking Dead’s Cliff Curtis as Mac, *John Wick 2’s Ruby Rose as Jaxx, *Transformers: Age of Extinction’s Li Bingbing as Suyin, and *The Office’s Rainn Wilson as a millionaire Jack Morris, the person that’s funding this entire endeavor.

If you wondering if this movie is going to do all of the classic monster movie tropes, I can assure you it does. It is all very much effective for the most part. With a lot of the scenes being filmed underwater and putting the camera in the POV of certain characters, it does make for some very suspenseful sequences.

Where this movie does stumble and not quite live up to its potential is in the characterization of the main cast. Some of them do fare pretty well, others are just familiar movie tropes that will have you wishing for a better script. But when it’s all said and done, it’s all about Jason Statham fighting a giant shark, and the third act of this movie is the big, dumb, popcorn munching, Summer action suspense thriller that you are hoping it will be. Director John Turteltaub actually does a great job nailing the “man versus creature” aspects during the third act where you can’t help but root for our hero. The first two acts are passable enough to not be boring. The final act is where this movie definitely shines.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Marquee Mark

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