Mr and Mrs Smith – Prime Original – Review & Theories | Spoiler-Free

I dive into the brand-new Prime Original series, MR. AND MRS. SMITH, starring the incredibly talented Donald Glover and Maya Erskine.

In this spoiler-free review, I share my initial impressions of the show, its unique take on a well-known narrative, and my theories on what the rest of the season might hold. Discover how this version stands out from its predecessors.

Mr and Mrs Smith introduces us to John and Jane Smith, two spies posing as a married couple, navigating through thrilling missions with a blend of action, subtle comedy, and undeniable chemistry. With standout performances and a script that keeps you hooked, this series promises an enthralling experience.

After the review, I delve into some theories about where the story could head next, based on the intriguing opening episodes. Could there be a twist in the tale of our spy duo? Watch to find out my predictions (with a spoiler warning, just in case)!

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