NYCC 2019 Exclusive – IDW Publishing: 20 Years & Beyond! (Full Panel)

We were invited to sit in on IDW Publishing: 20 Years & Beyond! and were given exclusive access to record the entire panel!

The panel was led by John Barber, Editor in Chief of IDW and showcased a lot of the company’s talents.

  • Alan Robert – Creator The Beauty of Horror
  • Hannah Templer – Creator of Cosmoknights. Artist on GLOW
  • Gabriel Rodriguez – Co-Creator of Locke & Key. Creator of Sword of Ages
  • Delilah S. Dawson – Writer on Wellington, Star Pig, Star Wars Adventures, and X-Files Case Files
  • Aaron Mahnke – Creator of LORE podcast/books/TV series. Creator of Wellington
  • Drew Zucker – Co-Creator and Artist of Canto
  • David Brewer – Co-Creator and Writer on Canto
  • Bobby Curnow – IDW Group Editor. Writer of Ghost Street

The panel was really interesting and a lot of fun. The ashcan handouts showed high quality comics of interesting things to come. Supernatural meets Sherlock Holmes and a Joe Hill created story about a cop turned stand up comedian/private detective? Creative, fun, and great art. Exactly what we expect from IDW.

Issue 100 of the TMNT comic is fast approaching. That along with the line of toys revealed at the con by Super7 (check out our interview) made this weekend a very awesome nostalgia trip for me.

I never understood the adult coloring book craze but with the unveiling of The Beauty of Horror new Halloween book and third installment I felt my wallet opening. They also announced a set of 76 (I believe) tarot cards. The cards can be bought in full color or in a color-able black and white. A sample was given out and the quality if out of this world. They’re printed on nice sturdy stock and feel like high quality traditional cards. There was a cool commercial to go along with them that had the feeling of the Halloween commercials from when I was a kid. They even had a full, creepy, costume made of Ghouliana, the Beauty of Horror mascot.

The thing that rang truest to me is that everyone involved in these highly creative projects wasn’t just a fan of their own work but a fan of the medium, the properties, and the feel of the whole thing. There was a big vibe on 90’s nostalgia with the majority of the writer’s/artists being about my age. No two projects were the same and not a single project could easily be summed up as, “oh it’s just like…”

Canto, as a small example, takes some queues from The Return to the Wizard of Oz. Seriously, check out the panel, its awesome.

At the end the folks from IDW were kind enough to do a Q & A. As someone who is trying to get their first big project off the ground the inside information from industry leading independent creators was an invaluable 10-12 minutes.

The following excerpts are taken directly from the IDW Website. All these announcements are covered in more detail in the video. Check it out to get the full story and for the fun and energy of the room.

The Clockwork Hero Canto Returns in 2020 with One-Shot Special and New Miniseries

David M. Booher and Drew Zucker’s Canto — the indie comic book sensation of 2019 — will return next year with a special standalone one-shot, Canto and the Clockwork Fairies, followed by a five-issue Canto miniseries in Summer 2020.

“For Drew and I, watching readers respond to our little tin hero has been the thrill of our careers,” says Booher. “We always hoped Canto’s adventure wouldn’t end at the top of the Emerald Tower, so we couldn’t be more excited to bring readers along as Canto navigates his expansive world and continues to fight for the freedom of his people.”

Alan Robert, Life of Agony Bassist and Artist Extraordinaire, Announces New Beauty of Horror Projects

At the IDW “20 Years & Beyond” panel at New York Comic-Con today, Alan Robert – the creator of the adult coloring book phenomenon The Beauty of Horror and its adorable undead star, Ghouliana – thrilled the audience by debuting an all-new live action trailer for the Halloween-themed recent release, The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats, announcing the next entry in coloring book series, The Beauty of Horror: Creature Feature (ISBN 978-1-68405-708-5), and revealing the upcoming October 22nd launch of a Kickstarter campaign developing The Beauty of Horror Tarot Card Set for fans to color!

“The mega-success of The Beauty of Horror has surpassed all of my expectations at this point, and Ghouliana’s universe is about to expand in a very big way with all these new products!” says Robert.

Introducing Bermuda, the Brand-New Creator-Owned Comic Book by John Layman and Nick Bradshaw

John Layman, award-winning creator of the New York Times bestselling Chew series, and superstar artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men) will debut a new creator-owned comic book series in 2020, entitled Bermuda.

“Bermuda is a story that’s been rattling around in my head for a while, and the type of book I’ve wanted to write for quite some time: high adventure with a jungle hero in a strange, savage land filled with all kinds of dangers and a world that’s both weird and wonderful,” says Layman. “In addition to Chew, my absolute favorite books I’ve ever done have been with IDW – Scarface, Godzilla, and Mars Attacks – so I’m hoping lightning strikes a fourth time with Bermuda!”

It’s the Encore Presentation of 2019’s Most Captivating Story – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 Deluxe Hardcover!

Revisit one of 2019’s hottest comic sensations with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 Deluxe Hardcover, featuring the epic conclusion to the “City at War” story arc, rare artwork pulled from behind-the-scenes sketches and hard-to-find cover variants, and even a complete oral history of the entire record-breaking IDW TMNT series, written by Patrick Ehlers. Written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, illustrated by Dave Wachter and Mateus Santolouco, and showcasing a cover by Dave Wachter, this deluxe hardcover (ISBN 978-1-68405-402-3) is a must-have item for Turtle mega-fans!

Editor Bobby Curnow says, “Reaching our 100th issue of TMNT is, in a word, surreal. It doesn’t feel like that many because every issue has been so fun to work on – it all goes by so quickly! I’m incredibly proud of the countless hours of hard work that the entire team has put into this book. It’s all paid off in the form of the enthusiasm of the Turtles family at large.”

Transformers: Galaxies Shines the Spotlight on Cliffjumper, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus in Character-Defining Story Arcs Throughout 2020

IDW Publishing is proud to announce that the next three story arcs of their Transformers: Galaxies series will be dedicated to some of the most fan-favorite characters from the franchise: Cliffjumper, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus!

Beginning in issue #5, the two-part story “Wannabee” by Kate Leth, Cohen Edenfield, and Alex Milne will explore just how different Cliffjumper is from his similarly-designed (and much more adored) counterpart, Bumblebee. Featuring the Probats and Deathsaurus!

In Transformers: Galaxies #7-9’s “Gauging the Truth” storyline, Sam Maggs and Umi Miyao will explore partner Arcee and Greenlight with an all-new character, Gauge.

Rounding out the first year of Transformers: Galaxies with a storyline running from issues #10 to #12, the “Storm Horizon” arc will focus on Ultra Magnus, featuring the talents of Brandon Easton and Andrew Griffith.

IDW Publishing Officially Continues the Friendship is Magic Story with My Little Pony: Season 10

Beginning in April 2020, IDW Publishing will continue the story of Twilight Sparkle and all your favorite Friendship is Magic characters when they publish the official My Little Pony: Season 10 comic book series! This new series will pick up where the fan-favorite show left off, exploring new parts of Equestria with new friendships… and new villains!

The 35th Anniversary Celebration of Stan Sakai’s Beloved Rōnin Continues with Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics

Building upon the success of the all-new, full-color Usagi Yojimbo comic book series launched in June, IDW Publishing will revisit some of the most memorable adventures of Miyamoto Usagi, the rabbit rōnin, beginning with Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics #1 in January 2020.

The original early issues of Stan Sakai’s acclaimed long-running series will thrill longtime fans and newcomers alike – not only with vibrant new colors, but supported by brand-new bonus content, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Usagi and rare artwork.

Look for Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics#1 – featuring an all-new Chibi Usagi back-up story – in January!

About IDW

IDW Publishing stands proudly at the forefront of printed visual entertainment, cultivating a formidable library of world-renowned licensed brands and creator-owned original IP. Its diverse array of comic books, graphic novels, and art books deliver reading enjoyment to fans of all ages. Its award-winning imprints The Library of American Comics, Yoe! Books, and Artist Editions preserve the valuable cultural history of the sequential art medium, while titles under the critically acclaimed Top Shelf and Black Crown banners celebrate fiercely independent voices. IDW Publishing is a division of IDW Media Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: IDWM), a fully integrated media company with robust offerings in publishing, tabletop gaming, multimedia entertainment, and art exhibition via the San Diego Comic Art Gallery.

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