MARKELLUS’S VERDICT 4/5 Let me start off by saying Michael Keaton will most likely win the Academy Award for Best Actor. He most definitely WILL win the Golden Globe for... View Article


AUBREY’S VERDICT: 4/5 Being one of the only games this year that I was looking forward to, I had the highest of hopes for this game. This game has the... View Article


Aubrey’s Verdict: 3/5 Starting out with a beautiful story, I was convinced that this game would be amazing all the way through. It started off interesting and fun; while I... View Article


Markellus’s Verdict 3.5/5 Christopher Nolan has a lot to make up to me after that last Batman movie. I know some people love it, but I was seriously disappointed in... View Article

New on our #YouTube channel! We talk to @davidbooher and @Drew_Zucker all about @cantocomic! Part 3 is on the way from @IDWPublishing so get your orders in and watch the #interview here: #Comics #Canto #PodcastHQ

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ICYMI here’s our #interview with actress @joannasaul! We talk all about her new movie Open Your Eyes and more! See the movie now on VOD and the interview right here: #PodcastHQ #FilmTwitter #OpenYourEyes

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Chatting with James Brolin about his narration of @SweetTooth on @netflix!

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