Path of the Pale Rider – Now on Kickstarter! Laurie Calcaterra Interview

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What would you do if upon death, your soul didn’t leave your body? You are now trapped in decaying flesh and the world no longer makes sense. Forgetfulness, violence, or indifference set in. People, animals, insects, … the death process has been broken for all. 10 years into the apocalypse, most people just try to scrape by, but Jude St. Clair is tirelessly searching for the answer to the question: Why do the Dead no longer die? What will he discover? Government Conspiracy? Chemical Spill? Meteor from space? SENTIENT YOGURT?! Come with Jude on his path through undead bears, famine, riots, and the fall of society as he tries to survive long enough to uncover truths, each more unbelievable than the next. You don’t want to miss this extraordinary journey through the wasteland. Can Jude heal the world or succumb to an eternity of decay?

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