Project Almanac

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It’s a pretty basic found footage movie about time traveling. I do feel that this is the “Project X” version of the “Butterfly Effect”, but it is effective enough that it isn’t completely boring.

The characters here are all typical of this type of story: the hero, the girl he loves, the best friend, and the chubby friend with the sense of humor, (all in there except the cool Black character. WTF?)

They discover the makings of a Time Machine and are actually smart enough to figure out how to finish making it work. Being teenagers, they decide to use the ability to do what teenagers would probably do, pass exams, win the lottery, go to concerts they missed. I did enjoy watching them live out this fantasy, but being a time travel story, it’s all bound to go wrong. That’s where I was hoping for more dramatic consequences. Not saying that there wasn’t any, I was just hoping for stronger dramatic ones.

This is decent lazy Sunday afternoon picture, although I think junior high and high school kids are going to absolutely love it.

Markellus’s Verdict 2.5/5

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