Project Cars

Project Cars

Let me start by saying that I love cars. When I saw that there was a racing simulation coming out for the next generation consoles, I was beyond excited. This game was bound to be gorgeous and my favorite game. Right?! Well, as beautiful as this game is, I am sorry to say that it is not the game that I expected it to be.

If you plan on doing the campaign in this game, just throw your controller. Do yourself a favor, throw it now. You are forced to start off with kart racing – which is, hands down, the most aggravating thing that I’ve ever experienced. The handling on the karts is difficult and the karts are just broken. JUST BROKEN! I was hoping to have a really awesome campaign like in Forza 4 and just ended up disappointed.

I ended up rage quitting out of the campaign and moving onto the Solo mode. Here I was hoping to actually race cars. I got what I wanted, so that was good news. However, I found out quickly that this game is just like Gran Turismo. If you are looking for a game like Forza, quit now. Save yourself the heartache. I just wanted to race some awesome cars and not have to deal with the technicality that Gran Turismo brings to racing sims. I don’t want to have to think, I want to drive. That was my problem.

Had this game been more like Forza, I wouldn’t have put the controller down. The game is absolutely stunning, there’s no doubt about that, but it definitely isn’t what I wanted.

Aubrey’s Verdict 3/5

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