Review: The Perhapanauts: Second Chances

Written by Todd Dezago
Art by Craig Russo
Additional Colors on select stories by Rico Renzi
Published by Black Caravan

perhapanauts coverThe Perhapanauts are a team of supernatural beings that investigate the supernatural. There’s
a Sasquatch, a Chupacabra, a ghost, a guy who can travel between dimensions, a moth man,
and their leader is a woman with psychic powers.

There are three stories in this comic; “The Flatwoods Monster”, in which the team goes back in
time to investigate a UFO landing in West Virginia, “Seven Months Earlier” in which the psychic
woman is attempting to break someone out of prison, and “Fiepick”, in which the Chupacabra is
tasked with finding the “fiepick” which it clearly doesn’t know what one is.

The stories don’t really have much going for them. They seem to have a good start, and then
they all fall short of having any point to them. There’s no resolution to any of them. It just kind
of… ends. Nothing happens that makes you even care about the characters. At the end of every
story you ask the same question, which is, “Why?” The premise has potential. I feel like the
Perhapanauts are a lighter-toned version of the Bureau of Paranormal Research within the
Hellboy universe. It just needs better writing.

perhapanauts pageThe artwork reminds me of the style in The Jackie Chan Adventures or Men in Black cartoons
from the WB network (anyone remember those?). It’s cartoony and goofy in a way that works for
that comic. It’s good. Since the premise of the comic makes me think of a lighter side of Hellboy,
if I were to compare the art styles, Hellboy is awash in dark shades and the Perhapanauts are
the opposite with minimal shading.

Overall I give it 2.75 out of 5. Didn’t like the lack of story. Art is cartoony but fits.

Like, “Excelsior”, y’all.

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