Story by Ed Brisson
Art by Roland Boschi
Cover art by Tony Daniel

Weapon X and Final Flight is a story set in the “Heroes Reborn” alternate reality in which the Avengers didn’t exist- the circumstances that brought them together didn’t happen. Instead, the Squadron Supreme of America are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The story takes place in Canada, which has been reduced to a vast wasteland due to the Squadron Supreme tearing it up looking for Weapon X because he revenge-killed Hyperion, for Hyperion had killed many of Weapon X’s comrades in Final Flight. Many Canadians who helped Final Flight escape or gave them shelter were imprisoned by the Squadron Supreme. Weapon X decides to take the fight to them.

This current “Heroes Reborn” alternate reality has nothing to do with the original Heroes Reborn story of 20+ years ago. The title is the only similarity. The story is okay, nothing Earth-shattering, and there’s a twist in there that won’t surprise anyone. I like that the story felt like it ended well, in that I felt satisfied that I read enough and didn’t need to continue the story, as in if there was in fact not going to be a second issue, I would be ok with that.

The art is definitely good. Characters are well defined. I liked the ink work. It was subtle, not overdone, especially the panels depicting night scenes. What I didn’t like were the colors. They were a bit drab. The scenes taking place at night just had blue backgrounds. Maybe the drab colors were done on purpose, seeing as how the whole reality for Final Flight was bleak.

This gets a 3/5 for me with good art, so-so colors, good inking, and good art.

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