Rise of the Tomb Raider

You start off by climbing a mountain to find some hidden city in Siberia. You don’t really understand what you’re going there for until you go into a flashback sequence. After finishing the flashback, you learn that a group named Trinity is after the same artifact that your father was and that you are. Since they find out that you’re after it, they try to kill you. This game sets you up with another wonderful Tomb Raider story that just captivates you. The woman Indiana Jones, right?

There is a lot of stuff that you can craft and gather in this, as there is most Tomb Raiders. There is so much that you can pick up in this too, which helps you build your language, your xp and other traits as well. You can explore optional ruins, which unlock special abilities that you might not get otherwise. This leaves the game to feel full and you won’t get bored because of the wealth of knowledge it provides.

This only thing that bothered me about the game was the attention of detail put into her hair. I know this seems ridiculous – trust me, I complained about Bryce Dallas Howard wearing heels throughout Jurassic World, but hear me out! They put so much detail into her hair and it looked amazing, but every time she even slightly moved her head, her hair was all over the place. With the amount of detail that they put into it, you would think that they could at least make the movement more realistic. This tiny flaw caused me to not be able to pay attention to most of the cut scenes. You could watch her hair go in her from behind her, to through her body, to the front of her face, all because she looked to the right. I mean, what kind of shampoo is letting her hair be so light?! Just impossible and annoying. Did you see that I said THROUGH her body? Also ,what is a girl that looks 16 doing going to Siberia?

Aubrey’s Verdict 4/5

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