Source Point Press – Double Comic Preview!

Source Point Press

I say it all the time. One of the coolest perks of being a small part of So Wizard Podcast is getting early access to new indie comics. We got an email from writer Bob Salley of Source Point Press. The email gave us not one, but two, looks at some cool comics they have coming out.


A fantasy series. It blends fantasy staples with original creations in a world that unravels organically. The world of Ogres is hard. Sitting on the precipice of war. A small band of castaways do their best to come together and face the rising changes the best way they know how.

The first issue sets up a lot of things to come with many players, species, and tribes in the mix. There’s mention of magic and a variety of gods without beating the reader over the head. It gives notions that the reader has dipped their toe into this vast world. We are also given a ticking clock at the end of the first issue. A bit of bait to get you to come back to see where it goes next and how it gets resolved.

The art work is original. It appears to be water colors. Right down to the raw paper look. If this comic wasn’t done by traditional hand painting, I’m not ashamed to admit it has me fooled. The use of color is amazing. It sets the tone and makes you feel a bit of what the characters are feeling. Nothing is overdone. There’s a very real feeling of life and motion throughout the panels.

Even if fantasy isn’t your favorite comic genre the artwork alone is worth checking out. It also has a grittier and heavier feel than many fantasy titles. Boxing it up in a single genre doesn’t do the final product justice.

Broken Gargoyles

A different look and feel. Salley’s name is on this title as well. Before we get into the comic, Salley needs some credit. Putting out one comic is a ton of work. To have two titles with no feeling of retread is impressive.

Broken Gargoyles feels like a future set World War I story. A hardcore veteran of the war tears through America laying out his own brand of awesome justice. Character design alone makes this former soldier my favorite character. He’s something of Mad Max meeting Fallout with a WWI flare thrown in. The bit of development we get on this character makes him even cooler.

Character moments are defined without wasting time through well written dialogue. The action scenes are brief, but don’t leave the reader wanting. This is a fast moving issue.

The story quickly comes together in the end to set up one hell of a cliffhanger.

The style of the world is very intriguing. It looks like the 1920’s are butting heads with the future. References make me think this is an alternate reality. It was smart of the creators to not over explain these details or put a deliberate mark on setting. They now have the flexibility to make this world their own.

The talents behind this comic have done something cool with blending the old world and the new. They’ve also made a badass story while starting a discussion of vets, the downtrodden, and the horrors of war.

Source Point Comics is in independent comic publisher

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