Streaming Pick – Penn and Teller: Bullshit!


Your weekly streaming pick has arrived! Originally created by and aired on Showtime Penn and Teller’s Bullshit is now available on Hulu! For just six bucks a month you can watch an incredibly entertaining and informative show. One that’s just as relevant now as it was from 2003 – 2010 in its original run.

Penn and Teller are world famous magicians. They inject a high level of wit and comedy into their shows. They also take an angle most working magicians don’t do and tell you their act is… well, bullshit. There is no doubt that Penn and Teller’s tricks are nothing more than that. Their honest approach to entertainment, and the fact that they are intelligent people makes them the perfect hosts for the show.

Bullsh*t is currently streaming on Hulu.

Each episode tackles a subject or two that have been plaguing our country for generations. Aliens, Magicians, Psychics, The War on Drugs, Area 51, Fad Diets, Exorcism, even the end of the world. Nothing is off limits. No punches are pulled. They interview people on both sides of the topic and dissect the stupid side, every time. With the series name being Bullshit there’s no surprise how hard they go in on some of these people. It’s informative, and it’s hilarious.

The show looks a bit dated by now, sure. 2003 was seventeen years ago now. When I stumbled into the show I was worried that the information contained would be dated as well. Luckily fashion and video production has changed because some of the more ridiculous and infuriating topics haven’t. It’s an entertaining show but depressing in the way that many issues are being propped up and clung on to for no reason whatsoever.

Focus on the fun. If you aren’t sold, find a topic you know you’ll have fun with and dive in. Originally I was going to pick and choose but I ended up starting from the beginning.

Bullshit: 4/5

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