Streaming Pick – Revenger

February 13, 2019 By

Your weekly streaming pick has arrived! I’ve been spending a lot of time on my rower which is great in every way, except several hours a week on a rower is painful and can be kinda boring. Luckily there is a slew of awesome action movies on Netflix. Revenger is one of those movies.

There is an island that multiple Asian countries use as a prison colonie. There are no walls, cells, or guards. This is a place where trash is sent to be forgotten about. It’s unclear from the story but it appears that this system was being abused a bit and used as a way for all problems to disappear as the island seemed to house a few decent people.

A former police investigator, who is impossibly shredded, gets himself sent to this barbaric prison island. He is looking for the man who executed his family in front of him. His path leads him to a woman who he wronged in his own past and sees a way to get his revenge and repair some of the damage he had done in his life.

The prison island is a place full of gangs. Some are untouchably strong and others, as is the case of our hero, are not. Our main character is a woman, wrongly convicted, mothering a colonie of misfits. She is an actual mother to a young girl who was born on the island. The mother and daughter had to watch their husband/father be executed.

The gang leader rules this island with an iron fist. He is almost untouchable. He is cruel to a disturbing point and has his loyal army of freaks and sadists along with him.

Even without having the character names there is some solid character building here. It isn’t extensive by any means, but each of the main characters we are given are formed enough for the movie. They have needs/wants that are easily understood and they get to work on accomplishing their goals straight away. Fans of martial arts movies are used to not getting a full back story on every character and long winded exposition or flashbacks takes us out of the action far too long for it to be interesting.

Details are slim on this movie. I don’t think I can come up with any character names off the top of my head. Not without massive misspellings and assigning them to the wrong actor. What isn’t slim in Revenger is badass martial arts and fight sequences.

Revenger has some tone issues with absurdist Asian comedy that really doesn’t fit the rest of the movie but the plentiful action is more than enough to get you passed it.

Revenger: 3.5/5