Streaming Pick – Terminal

August 16, 2018 By

Your weekly streaming pick comes courtesy of Hulu this week! This may be a first for the streaming service and So Wizard. Terminal (not the one with Tom Hanks) is an interesting revenge story. It looks and feels like a Guy Ritchie tribute movie. Snappy dialogue, clever framing, and fast paced dialogue. Terminal is a curious find.

The seedy underworld of this particular city is run by a puppet master known as Mr Franklyn (Mike Myers). Franklyn is an imposing figure purely through reputation. Multiple story lines play out with Franklyn as the pivot point. These stories connect through Annie (Margot Robbie). Annie poses as a waitress at a fateful diner who doubles as an assassin.

Vaughn Stein’s directorial debut feels like a well polished Guy Ritchie movie. There’s no real wonder there since Stein worked with Ritchie in the past as Second Unit or an AD. Along with some stylistic choices and familiar faces from Ritchie films Stein also took some cues in dialogue for his characters. Like Ritchie’s own movies, Terminal is a movie built around the cast. Every cast member gets a moment to shine. Everyone gets a great scene. Every character has a twist. Everyone even gets a monologue.

Terminal is currently streaming exclusively on Hulu

The cast was the big draw to this movie. Margot Robbie has proven she is way more than just a pretty (gorgeous) face. Robbie is the lead of the entire movie and carries most of the plot. She plays her role well. She is alluring, hilarious, and frightening all at once. Simon Pegg has varied his career since we all fell in love with him in Spaced and Shaun of the Dead. His turn as Bill starts as bland as his name. When his reveal comes along it’s a freight train you have to run to keep up with. Mike Myers doesn’t get a lot of screen time in this movie but there was something cool about seeing him back on screen. He’s been keeping plenty busy but he will always be an icon that gets a reaction from audiences.

While Terminal is a dialogue driven actor’s movie, its a visual treat as well. Every scene is beautiful. Every shot, perfectly set up. The atmosphere is palpable. It reminds you of the big movies of the 80s that inspired wonder as you watched.

While Terminal falls short of awe-inspiring for a straight to streaming Hulu exclusive it’s a lot of fun. The constant references to Alice in Wonderland don’t give as much insight to the plot as you’d expect. The plot isn’t predictable, even though you’ll feel like it is. The final act of the movie is an adrenaline fueled roller coaster for your mind that’ll give your brain stem whiplash.

Terminal 3.5/5