Streaming Pick – The Void

October 19, 2018 By

Your weekly streaming pick is here just in time for the weekend! If you live anywhere in the country that gets a real winter you know this will be a good weekend for sitting on the couch streaming movies. The Void is a horror/action themed movie with a dash of monster and a pinch of the occult.

A local Police Officer, Carter (Aaron Poole) brings a beaten man to a small local hospital. The hospital is barely operating with a skeleton crew. No hospital in the world would be prepared for the nightmare that’s to follow. Cult like people in white robes surround the building, their numbers growing as the night progresses. Allison Fraser (Kathleen Munroe), a nurse at the hospital does her best to keep everything together as hell rears its head for those stranded inside.

It took a little while to get into The Void. Poole started the movie as a wooden actor who didn’t seem like he wanted to be in the movie. As his personality was developed and the other actors in the movies started bouncing off Poole he warmed to the role.

Kathleen Munroe is not an actress I was familiar with prior to The Void. She had an important and prominent role. She is a natural actor and grounds a lot of the more bizarre scenes, and there are plenty. Munroe does a fair amount of scenes with Ellen Wong. Wong may be the best actor in the movie, though her scenes are limited. Fans of the podcast probably recognize Wong as Knives Chau from the always under appreciated Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

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The Void is currently streaming on Netflix.

So the acting only alright. Why would The Void be the recommendation? It’s cool as hell. Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere. The visuals of the film are striking. The small budget never shows itself through the seams in the film. Expertly shot, the camera is always where it should be. The lighting and ambiance are perfect for the supernatural elements of the movie. The movie is dark, in tone and literally, but it’s not tough to watch.

The sound editing surrounds you as the atmosphere of the movie creeps into your living room. The surround sound is surprisingly good for not only a low budget thriller but also given the fact that it’s streaming.

The monster effects are practical and kept to a tasteful minimum. They could easily look silly, fully lit they might be. Directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanksi (who also co-wrote the movie) deserve a lot of credit for their subtle hand in all aspects of the movie.

Once the primary set up is done The Void becomes a thrill ride that never stops. Even the down beats keep your heart racing. Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski deliver a truly exciting thriller in the vein of 30 Days of Night.

The Void: 3.5/5