Subject – horror movie review!

“Subject” arrives on ScreamBox this August 22nd, 2023, offering horror enthusiasts a suspenseful rollercoaster through the world of found footage. The film masterfully crafts an eerie atmosphere that sends chills down your spine, keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

One of the movie’s strongest aspects is its ability to create an unsettling ambiance that lingers long after the credits roll. The director employs subtle camera angles, dim lighting, and haunting sound design to create an immersive experience that wraps you in a web of dread. The found footage style adds an authentic touch, making the terror feel unnervingly real.

“Subject” doesn’t shy away from delivering a handful of well-timed jump scares that are guaranteed to make your heart race. These moments are executed with precision, catching viewers off guard and leaving them with an adrenaline rush. The suspenseful buildup leading to these jumps is artfully crafted, pulling the audience deeper into the characters’ unraveling ordeal.

However, the film might polarize audiences due to its narrative choices. While some viewers might appreciate the slow-burning tension that gradually escalates, others might find the pacing sluggish. Additionally, “Subject” opts for a more psychological horror approach rather than relying on gore, which could leave gore aficionados craving more visceral thrills.

Another point of contention could be the film’s ending—or lack thereof. The absence of a definitive conclusion may frustrate those who seek closure and resolution. It’s a bold move that leaves room for interpretation, but it could also leave some audiences feeling unsatisfied.

In the end, “Subject” offers an atmospheric horror experience that takes advantage of the found footage genre’s potential to create spine-tingling realism. The movie’s creepy aura and expertly executed jump scares are likely to resonate with fans of psychological horror. However, those expecting intense gore or a clear-cut ending might find themselves torn. If you’re willing to embrace the film’s slow build and appreciate the unsettling atmosphere it creates, “Subject” could be a riveting addition to your horror watchlist.

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