The Lazarus Effect

Lazarus Effect Poster

Why? Because there was nothing else to watch that seemed remotely interesting to me.
I’ll be honest, horror movies are not really my thing, unless there’s a really good story behind it. With this cast, I thought for sure this movie would have a tight script… or at least an interesting on.


The movie is basically a typical “science goes wrong” storyline where these young, attractive nerds decide to bring the dead back to life (#Flatliners). When one of their own unexpectedly dies, these geniuses turn into idiots and do the unthinkable. Of course, that means we’re in for something exciting to happen right? ZZZZZZZ!

The scientific mumbo jumbo sounds good, the actors all do a decent job with what they’re working with, but man are these characters boring! when we finally get to the “reasons we are watching a horror movie”, the deaths are laughable. I kept waiting for the good part and it never showed up.
This would be a slightly amusing episode of The Twilight Zone, but as a movie it’s ridiculously bad.
I hope the paycheck was nice for the actors involved.

The scariest thing about this movie is wondering what happened to the dog they reanimated in the beginning of the flick? 3/4 in and he disappears, then I spend the rest of the movie waiting for him to return. I probably should’ve stuck around for any post credits scenes.

Markellus’s Verdict 0/5

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