The Runaways at NYCC 2019

October 5, 2019 By


This year at New York Comic 2019, Hulu brought out the creators and cast of their hit show The Runaways to promote the premiere of season 3.

The producers and cast were on hand to tease what they were excited for in the next season, and the castmates got the opportunity to express what admire about each other in front of a theater full of fans, which was very sweet and touching.

With the newest season premiering on Hulu December 13, they also brought an advanced look at the very first episode of season 3. We were given very explicit demands not to spoil what happens during the episode, but I will say that if you are a fan of the show already, they’re really advancing the established storylines from last season. If you’re a fan of the original comic like I am, you will get a kick out of the elements that they’re now incorporating into the show.

This episode really lays out some fertile ground for the future season and managed to balance all of the elements that makes the book so much fun: comedy, drama, action, romance, and superhero adventures.

The show really started to find its footing in season 2. Now with the introduction of a new villan for this season, the opportunity for the characters to face some intense challenges, and a crossover with other Marvel characters, season 3 of Runaways looks to be the best one yet.

Also, one of the surprises during the panel was during the Q and A portion, one of the audience members was original creator of the comic book Bryan K. Vaughn! He wanted to thank the cast and producers for bringing his characters to life. After the panel, a few of the actors that portray parents on the show, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, and James Yaegashi (Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder, Robert Minoru) were hanging out and taking pictures with the fans. They were so nice and I really enjoyed meeting them.