Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Crappy Home Designer

Happy Home Designer is a different take on the Animal Crossing series. Instead of living a life as a member in the town, you are instead employed by an interior designing company. You design the rooms of other people’s houses instead of your own – like in all of the other Animal Crossing games.

I’m not sure why I wasted my money on this game because I knew I wouldn’t like it. Honestly, I’m not even sure why this is a game. Who decided that this was a good idea? Who thought that they should spend money developing this? I want an interview with THAT person that made this decision.

I started this game out and couldn’t even make it through the tutorial without getting mad. They wanted me to spin a couch, which is something I’ve done thousands of times in previous games. However, because I moved said couch and then spun it to the area that I thought it should be in, the game wouldn’t let me continue. It kept asking me to spin this stupid couch! I tried moving it back to where it originally was and then spinning it, but the damage was done. The game broke. That was enough to soil my taste for it.

You can also “battle” other people and have a design-off. You both design a room and get judged on it. I cannot be more bored of this idea. This game would only be worth buying if it was $2.

Aubrey’s Verdict: 2/5

(Only because it’s Animal Crossing, otherwise .5)

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