Barkhad Abdi & Yusra Warsama Interview – Castle Rock Season 2 – NYCC 2019 Exclusive

At New York Comic Con 2019 we were lucky enough to get in on a round table with the cast and creators of Castle Rock Season 2.

These two play on screen siblings and seemed to have developed a great chemistry. They are new characters to the Stephen King universe. They go into the pros and cons of creating a character from the ground up in an established world.

Yusra Warsama plays Dr. Nadia Omar (Nadia Howlwadaag). She’s a Harvard trained medical doctor and works at the hospital in the town next to Castle Rock, Jerusalem’s Lot. Any long time King fans should have a hint about what could potentially happen there. Ms. Warsama gives some further insight on her character and her relationship to the other characters that you won’t want to miss.

Barkhad Abdi plays Abdi Howlwadaag. He’s the brother of Ms. Warsama’s character. Abdi wants to establish a firmer presence for Somali people in the Lot. Mr. Abdi gives some details on how his character is related to the other characters in Castle Rock. Perhaps some real world events will find their way into the show before the more paranormal aspects inevitably take over?

We’d like to thank Hulu for the opportunity to sit down with the stars of the series and dive deeper into the incredible world they are expanding on exclusively on their network.

We’ll be releasing more interviews with the on, and off, screen talent of this amazing series all week!

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