Comic Review: Wolvenheart

August 30, 2019 By

I’m always excited when I get the chance to preview a new comic project. Doubly excited when those comics come from Mad Cave Studios. I had never heard of this relatively new studio until So Wizard was given the chance to check out one of their first projects, Battlecats. A few months later we got to check out another adventure in Knights of the Golden Sun. I looked into some of their other comics as well, they have a steadily growing library of titles.

One thing that I’ve noticed across all the Mad Cave titles is quality. The artwork is gorgeous, top notch, not a single panel or drawing feels rushed or like it was an afterthought. The styles of the books change but the quality is a constant high bar. I’ve been reading a lot of Marvel on Marvel unlimited and I find more inconsistencies in quality as far as art goes there than I do with Mad Cave, it’s pretty astounding. Wolvenheart is drawn and colored by Alejandro Giraldo.

Along with the art is the lettering. Clean lettering is all I really look for in a comic. Is it easy to follow the conversations and changing locations? Yes? Okay then moving on. Miguel Angel Zapata did the logo and lettering for Wolvenheart. He goes above common lettering generally seen. He plays with colors, gradients, and shades to add more emotion into the spoken word.

Wolvenheart Debuts Soon!

Another stand out from Mad Cave is that while they do plenty of action/adventure their comics never feel like something you’ve seen before. You can draw parallels and things may be familiar to something else you like, but those connections are your own brain recognizing what you like in a particular project. As an example, Battlecats reminded me of the cartoons I would stumble into as a kid when everyone else in the house was sleeping and I could be transported to a really cool alternate world that feels fully formed the second you touch down.

The latest comic Mad Cave was kind enough to send our way is Wolvenheart. Wolvenheart is the name of an organization, founded and led by Van Helsing. Yes the Van Helsing (as our hero Sterling Cross says). Cross appears to be something of an anti hero. He’s something of a monster himself. The rules in mythology are always a bit fluid.

Talking about fluid rules, I love these kind of classic monster stories. Hollywood hasn’t gotten it right in years but Wolvenheart is on the right track. In the first issue it establishes which set of mythological rules we are following while forging their own path. They also do a cool thing where supernatural elements, magic, and futuristic technology blend. The Wolvenheart organization are also time travelers. Spelling it all out in a sequential list doesn’t really blend the elements as well as the story does.

Mark London, Creator and Writer, doesn’t waste half the first issue spelling things out and world building through exposition. We dive into a story and are treated with some high energy action straight away. We’re thrust into a fully articulated functioning world and it’s not hard to keep up with the details since they are dropped in as needed. The story progresses and the intrigue rises. Right around the time I was settling into the story it felt like I went to sit back only for someone to pull the chair out from under me. The first issue ends on one brutal cliffhanger. We’re dealing with a world of magic, monsters, and time travel. There are a lot of possibilities for what comes next.

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