Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman Poster

I have to state that I’ve never played the video game that this movie is based on, but I’m going to say that watching someone play it on a first generation console for an hour and half would probably be way better use of your time than watching this adaptation.

After an early exposition setup, that frankly lost me right around the 2nd minute, the storyline kicks off with a poorly edited action sequence and left me with no idea how any of these characters relate to each other.

Theme wise, there’s a little bit of “Terminator” here, mixed with a little bit of “Anastasia “, and a small sliver of “Matrix” that I thought that aspect was really going to pay off….it didn’t.
Rupert Friend plays Agent 47, an assassin who’s trying to eliminate a woman (or is he?), played by a surprisingly talented newcomer Hannah Ware. Zachary Quinto shows off some action movie skills as a Special agent assigned to protect her (or is he?).The story would probably make more sense if I cared about the characters, but I didn’t.

The fight scenes are done by the team responsible for “John Wick”, but because the entire movie is so poorly edited, you can barely get to enjoy them. One scene that really did stand out to me was Agent 47, armed with only two handguns, manages to take out an entire team of guys in Special Ops gear with machine guns…. and somehow he barely breaks a sweat and doesn’t even get a scratch. I can understand he’s a specially modified killing machine, but C’mon! Also Zachary Quinto’s stunt double has about 15 pounds of muscle over the actor, so it kind of stood out who was throwing the punches.

Sorry to say, this is barely a rental. I can’t imagine anyone coming out the theaters satisfied with the end result.

Markellus’s Verdict 2/5

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