Legion M Interview – Jeff Annison – New York Comic Con 2019

At New York Comic Con 2019 we had the great opportunity to sit down with Jeff Annison, Co-Founder and President of Legion M. Check out our Legion M Interview below!

Legion M Interview – Jeff Annison – New York Comic Con 2019

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Legion M. I’ve been seeing online ads on it for years and wasn’t exactly sure how it all worked. I had poked around on their website a bit and made myself more or less familiar with the general idea. A crowd funded, fan owned entertainment company? That’s cool… but how?

Well, we got to know how. Sitting down the the founder and president of such a fresh and dynamic company is a rare opportunity we were grateful to get the opportunity for.

Mr. Annison breaks down exactly how this company works. He’ll give you insight on how it was made possible, legally, There’s no sugar coating the uphill, but rewarding, struggle. We also dive a bit into his past and find out that Mr. Annison was ahead of the curve in a lot of ways. That speaks volumes of things to come in my opinion.

Check out our interview. Also check out Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as well as The Origin of Alien. A couple movies high on my radar and Legion M releases.

You can join Legion M completely free and get some of the same rewards as investors! It’s a great way to stay up to date on what they have going on. If you want to give it a shot they have investing opportunities as well. Watch the interview and do your reading before you decide.

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