“In the summer of 2022, two couples decide to go on a COVID era camping trip after months of being in lockdown.  At a nearby drop-off point, two goons decide to go rogue, inadvertently implicating the unwitting campers. What started as a fun-filled vacation turns into a test of loyalty and survival.  Suddenly, the pandemic is the least of their worries.”

Such is the synopsis for the new movie Camping Trip.  This thriller is directed by the Fuica Brothers from a screenplay by Leonardo Fuica.

We were given a screener by our good friends at Strike Media in anticipation of the film’s release on VOD in the US, UK and Canada on August 16th, 2022.

The first thing you need to do when watching this movie is understand it is NOT a horror movie.  Not a horror movie. It’s more of a crime thriller.  If you come in looking for a slasher or a body count in the dozens, you will be disappointed.

The visuals of the setting are gorgeous.  Yes, you can notice a bit of an overuse of drone shots, but the location is amazing so why not show it off?

That said, the movie begins as we meet our group of friends heading out to their camping trip to escape Covid Lockdown.  Everyone has a different take on Covid, distancing measures, masks, lockdowns and so on.  The movie takes care to not show anyone as correct or good.  Even when we meet the criminals later on, this is a movie trying to make sure you do not really want to cheer for any one character.

Unfortunately for our main characters, there is a shady deal going down between a doctor and some rough people and as it goes sideways, hijinks ensue.

For the most part this movie was OK. There is a clear point where it turns and goes right into the type of film it wants to be, as the two groups in the woods intersect. Getting to that point involves a LOT of talking and dialogue that misses more than it lands. Getting the two groups together also requires the campers to act so dumb that you’ll be screaming at the screen.

Once we have everyone in one place, you can tell the filmmakers are doing what they wanted as we get some great tension and fun camera work when everything goes wrong.


If I had some qualms, it would be the first 45 minutes or so being a tough watch.  I realize this is the point as the characters are not supposed to be likable, but it just doesn’t quite work as the level of craft isn’t up to snuff in the script.

Once the groups meet up, it gets much better and settles into the low budget thriller we have been waiting the entire runtime for.

Your mileage may vary, but despite these script issues and some of the low budget seams showing at times, Camping Trip is worth a watch with tempered expectations.

2 out of 5 camping trips.

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