Movie Review: PARASITE

February 10, 2020 By

I’ve been a fan of Bong Joon Ho’s other movies for years, with “The Host” being one of my absolute favorites from him. Parasite had receiving a lot of positive critical reviews, but unfortunately it wasn’t playing in a theater near me for the longest time, until quite recently. I somehow managed to avoid learning what the story was about this entire time. I’m so glad I did.

Parasite is an extremely unique, suspenseful dark comedy that plays on the difference in class between two families. Even though this takes place in South Korea, I feel this story could almost happen anywhere. I don’t want to give any of the film away, but I will say I was riveted to my seat the entire time. It’s dramatic, it’s comedic, it’s suspenseful, and as the story unfolded, I was caught between laughing and gasping at the surprises that were around the corners.

The performances from ALL the leads are great, the balance of genres and tones are pitch perfect. This was such a refreshing experience as far as focused storytelling goes, and completely not what I was expecting from the director of “Snowpiercer”. This is much closer to one of his older films “Mother”. Definitely worth checking out. Now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital.

4.5 out of 5

“Marquee Mark” Markellus