Until Dawn

Until Dawn Poster

Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror game that is made to be played multiple times through because of the endless possibilities in the story. You are in control of all of the decisions made in the game. All of these decisions affect not only the outcome of the story but the characters themselves. Each character has a set of traits that can be altered depending on how you choose to play the game. Not only does your decision with these characters affect the game, but there is also a side story involving the killer that affects the game as well.

It is no secret that this year hasn’t been exciting for me game-wise. I had, what, Batman? I wasn’t engrossed by many of the games that were released thus far. Games that are very involved typically lose my interest as I don’t have the countless hours to spend playing them. However, Until Dawn has me playing, playing and playing. I can’t put the controller down – I don’t want to. This game is AH-mazing!

There are endless amounts of things to look at in this game. The objects that you pick up also unlock clues to the mysteries of the game. That’s not all you can pick up, though!! You can also pick up totems, which unlock visions into the story. These totems will allow you to see the death of the character that has picked them up, see good fortune, warnings about decisions that you make and other choices throughout the game.

I would definitely give this game my highest recommendations.

Aubrey’s Verdict 5/5

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